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Loy & Co comprehensively advised the ANWR Group on the acquisition of shares in ECC European Clearingcenter GmbH & Co. KG.

January 2024

The transaction:

The ANWR Group and other existing shareholders acquired the remaining shares of the departing shareholder ETS in ECC European Clearingcenter GmbH & Co. KG as of January 1, 2024. The trade cooperatives and industry associations are thus continuing to invest in the digitalization of the industry.

The companies:

ANWR Group

The ANWR Group can look back on more than 100 years of history and, as a group of companies with a business volume of more than EUR 21 billion (2022), is one of the leading European retail cooperatives in the non-food sector. In addition to the approximately 4,800 directly affiliated independent companies in the shoe, sports and leather goods retail sectors, more than 20,000 other wholesale and retail companies in over 80 international associations use the Group’s services.

The ANWR Group itself employs over 1,400 people. A further 80,000 employees work for the directly affiliated trading companies.


SABU is a purchasing association for shoes, leather goods and accessories and acts as an interface between manufacturers and retailers. For its members, the association realizes particularly advantageous purchasing conditions, discounts and bonuses, which are achieved by bundling orders from manufacturers.


The HDS/L (Bundesverband der Schuh- und Lederwarenindustrie e.V.) represents manufacturing companies in the footwear and leather goods industry and represents their interests vis-à-vis retailers, authorities and legislators. The HDS/L represents manufacturers of women’s, men’s and children’s shoes as well as functional footwear such as comfort, safety and sports shoes. The leather goods and luggage industry is organized in the HDS/L through manufacturers of all types of bags.


The ECC offers a wealth of digital solutions and collaborations to digitally connect industry and retail. The European Clearing Center connects suppliers and retailers in the footwear, sports, fashion, leather and accessories sectors and is the pioneering platform for exchanging information and data.

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