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but the basis of creativity.

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The partners – Markus Loy, Günther Herion and Beatrice Berg – have each occupied high positions in large companies for many years. From our experiences we are confident to take on responsibility with high competence, a close-knit network and the highest professional demands. In addition, we emphasise on the importance of personal advice and independence.  We consult our customers with complete freedom from conflict of interest, tailored solutions and decision making without the constraints “from above”. Simply personal and entrepreneurial.
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Why Loy&Co?

We deal with tasks which are of utmost importance to our clients. This responsibility shapes our way of thinking and our actions during each phase of a project. Our many years of expertise are reflected in special strengths that are of great benefit to our clients in all phases.

Our strength

Your benefit

Unsere Stärke: Implicit, long-term acquired knowledge of the peculiarities of owner-operated companies which shape our way of acting and of how we solve problems. Thinking in long-term perspectives

Ihr Nutzen: We understand medium-sized enterprises

Unsere Stärke: Active partner engagement in every project phase, creative solutions and persistent implementation

Ihr Nutzen: Your project receives the attention it deserves

Unsere Stärke: Independence and loyalty

Ihr Nutzen: Consulting without conflicts of interest

Unsere Stärke: Combining entrepreneurial experience with financial expertise

Ihr Nutzen: Financing with a strategic perspective

Unsere Stärke: We accept only assignments if we are convinced of our competence as well as confident to achieve the proposed outcome of the project. Fair and success orientated fee structure

Ihr Nutzen: Price-performance ratio is spot on

Unsere Stärke: Extensive references

Ihr Nutzen: Test our experience


We treat all client discussions – even before a contract is signed – with absolute confidentiality.

M&A transactions are always subject to a high degree of confidentiality – at every stage.

If even considerations regarding the purchase or sale of a company become known prematurely in the wrong place, this leak can become very explosive for a company. We are aware of this special responsibility – especially in medium-sized companies.

You can therefore rest assured that we will treat all information, including that which we receive from you prior to the signing of a contract, as strictly confidential. We are also happy to commit to this in a written declaration of confidentiality prior to an initial exchange.
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