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Services in M&A

Company Sale

We know how to successfully complete the sale of a company, drawing from our experience of more than 100 successful transactions with an international focus and modern methods.

  • Succession
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Realization of synergies
  • Broadening of strategic perspectives
  • Approach prospective buyers
  • Company valuation & analysis
  • Comprehensive buyer identification
  • Resolving/ coordinating the whole process
  • Preparation of process documents
  • Price negotiations
  • Due Diligence process
  • Implementation of the economic intention in the purchase agreement
  • Advice on potential value drivers and their quantification
  • Targeted investor approach
  • Increase bargaining power
  • Purchase price optimization
  • Smooth coordination of all parties involved in the process

Company Acquisiton

We assist in each step of a company acquisition with the systematic identification and contact of possible targets as well as the coordination of the entire process.

  • Geographic expansion
  • Diversification
  • Acquisition of Technology
  • Identify and quantify synergies and economies of scale
  • Opportunistic: approach by potential seller
  • Build M&A – strategy, systematic target identification, synergy analysis
  • Professional target approach, analysing the willingness/ readiness to sell a company
  • Pro-forma consolidation with target company & integrated financial model
  • Company valuation, tactics, estimation of buying price
  • Coordination of Due Diligence + adaptation of company valuation during process
  • Negotiations with banks – conditions + covenants
  • Support for antitrust application and fulfilment of enforcement conditions
  • Additional screening to find potential target companies
  • Increase bargaining power
  • Raise financing
  • Purchase price optimization
  • Identification and quantification of synergies

Financing Consultation

The combination of strategic perspective, financing know-how and our close-knit network enables us to find solutions which have a sustainable impact on our clients.

  • Growth
  • Crisis
  • Separation of financial risk from owner and company
  • Acquisition/M&A
  • Optimization of costs/flexibility
  • Analysis of past earnings + future business plan incl. financial plan, rating, covenants
  • Creation of a financing- and collateral strategy
  • Creation of a fact book/information memorandum
  • Selection/approach of banks
  • Negotiation of all relevant parameters
  • Term Sheets
  • Contract negotiations
  • Identifying financing reserves
  • Anticipate typical banking decision-making criteria
  • Recipient orientated editing, develop a "story"
  • Reach agreement for more than adequate financing costs
  • Close-knit banking network

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